Promotion material

The resources below are free to use to promote 3D Production Days 2022.


Logo 3D Production Days2022 JPG    Logo 3D Production Days sub events

Dutch banners


banner_300x250    3D2022 300x250 NL

banner_560x100    3D2022 560x100 NL

banner_600x200    3DPD 600x200 Email banner NL11

banner_645x121    3DPD 645x121 NL

banner_800x150    3DPD 800x150 NL

banner_920x100    3DPD 920x100 NL


English banners


banner_300x250   3D2022 300x250 EN 

banner_560x100    3D2022 560x100 EN

banner_600x200    3DPD 600x200 Email banner EN2

banner_645x121    3DPD 645x121 EN

banner_800x150    3DPD 800x150 EN

banner_920x100    3DPD 920x100 EN