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Masterclass: "From hype to reality check" by Materialise

Houses, watches, bridges, pizzas, and the like; we are overwhelmed with the most beautiful daring pieces that show what is possible with 3D-printing. The result is that many organizations no longer have a clear view what the future will bring  and a blurred image arises of what 3D printing can really mean for the manufacturing industry. Daniel Hoogstraate from Materialise will help you on your way during the Masterclass: "From hype to reality check" on Wednesday March 13 at 14:30 hours during RapidPro.

Where can 3D-printing take place within your oranization?

The challenge lies in finding the right applications where 3D printing can provide maximum added value. The trick is to lay the economic feasibility on the balance sheet in addition to the technical feasibility and to determine whether there is a business case for 3D printing. One should also not lose sight of the fact that other production techniques also continue to develop and will never be replaced by 3D printing. Ultimately, it is therefore important to determine when 3D printing can be complementary to 'conventional' production techniques. The purpose of this masterclass is to answer these questions so that you get a better picture of where 3D printing can take place within your organization.

3D printing from a business perspective

During this masterclass, you will not be overwhelmed with all possible techniques or materials, but from a business perspective a relationship is established with what ultimately drives organizations. From a realistic vision and through practical examples, your insights are increased in both the possibilities and the limitations of 3D printing. This masterclass also reflects on the impact that 3D printing has on issues such as business models, product life cycles, compliancy or intellectual property.

In short, this masterclass is a healthy reality check for organizations that want to take the next step in the right direction with 3D printing. Sign up now to save your spot, seats will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis!

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