Amable – Kickstart for the entry into additive manufacturing

A good idea is the beginning of success. For everything else AMable supports the development from the concept to the completion of additive manufactured products.

"Then print it" is a proposal that is becoming more and more popular. Additive manufacturing - or 3D printing - promises itself to be the solution provider of the future. The technology that was used for prototypes just a few years ago can already be found in production today. Precisely because this is a comparably young technology, there are many questions to be answered in addition to the initial success stories. AMable makes here an offer for all, which want to experiment with this technology (

Already for the transfer of an idea into a first (additive) construction experts are available, who pay attention to the success factors. Such factors for a component are, for example, the reduction of the total mass through the use of filigree structures. However, many components in additive manufacturing are characterized above all by functional integration, where several components with different functions become a new, holistic component. On AMable's website you can find such examples, which show the added value of additive manufacturing. (

In addition to the commercial offer, AMable currently offers funding opportunities at EU level via a so-called "Open Call". This makes it possible to receive this support free of charge via a project proposal. The application deadline is March 1st 2020 and offers SMEs and small and medium-sized enterprises the opportunity to receive direct support for work in their own company in addition to service offers.
Information to the application modalities is on

Call Facts

  • Submission Deadline: 01.03.2020
  • Estimated Budget: 450.000 Euros
  • Eligibility: SME's and mid-caps from the European Union
  • Experimentation types: Feasibility Studies (short time frame, low TRL, up to 25.000 Euros direct financial support) and Best Practice Experiments (higher TRL, up to 60.000 Euros direct financial support)
  • Experimentation teams: SME in the supplier role; Best Practice additionally need an SME or mid-cap in the user role
  • Scope of the experimentation: Innovative idea of an additively manufactured product


Coordination of the AMable Project

Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT
c/o Ulrich Thombansen
Steinbachstrasse 15
52074 Aachen