This is the Smart Maintenance Congress

Do you recognize this: your agenda is overcrowded. The maintenance work is determined by the issues of the day. You know that this has to be done differently and can be improved. Can planned maintenance help you? Is predictive maintenance of added value for your company? How do you quantify the benefits of investing in predictive maintenance? Whether you are responsible for maintenance in your own production environment or taking care of the maintenance of a delivered product, you face similar challenges.

Getting started with predictive maintenance: the Smart Maintenance Congress offers a complete overview of VR, AR, sensors and (big) data analysis solutions

During the Smart Maintenance Congress you will learn from experience experts what predictive maintenance has delivered them. You will receive tips on how to convince your organization to invest in predictive maintenance. There are more organizations like yours struggling with the same issues. Curious how they have tackled certain issues?

  • Discover the added value of predictive maintenance
  • Gain insight into the costs of downtime and identify the essential production processes
  • Learn how to use predictive maintenance effectively so that critical production processes have minimal downtime
  • Find out how adding technology to your product creates new service models
  • Learn how to convert the data from different machines and devices into usable control information

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